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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical retainer fee?

Retainer fees vary depending on the proposed legal work to be performed. At Nolan Law Offices, free consultations are granted and fees are discussed during this free consultation. Following the consultation and the quoted retainer fee, a fee agreement is prepared and signed by the lawyer and the client.

Will I go to jail for a drunk driving?

Maybe.  For a first offense, unless there are egregious circumstances, a defendant is rarely given jail time.  However, jail time is mandatory for a second offense and a third offense usually brings more substantial time.  However, at Nolan Law Offices, we seek alternatives to jail and we do our best to help the client avoid jail if possible.

How do I file for divorce?

Typically, a summons and complaint for divorce are filed by the moving party.  One spouse is actually suing the other spouse and asking the court to grant relief by granting that party a divorce.  At Nolan Law Offices, we offer a free consultation and discuss all costs and fees.  A retainer fee is prepared and signed by both the client and the attorney and proceeding begin.

How long does it take to get divorced?

In Michigan, the parties have a waiting period of 60 days from filing of the action in order to be able to file a final Judgement of Divorce when there are no children.  This waiting period extends to six months when children are born or adopted by the parties.  In special cases, the six month waiting period can be waived.  If the divorce is contested, it is difficult to estimate how long before trial time can be found in the court’s docket so a contested divorce can take much longer.