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License Restoration

Having your license revoked creates all kinds of problems for an individual. The law says the burden is on the revoked driver to prove he is safe to put back on the road. It takes an experienced lawyer who knows their way around the system to help the revoked driver restore their privileges. Knowing what a hearing officer is looking for and how to put together a package in support is important in being successful. Nolan Law Offices has been successful for many years in helping folks restore their privileges. Call (231) 206-1718 for your free consultation.

Drunk Driving

An enjoyable night out with friends can quickly become a nightmare if you get arrested for drunk driving. Known as operating while intoxicated (OWI), a conviction can lead to driver’s license suspension, six points on your driving record, large court fines, and even jail time. There are multitudes of combinations of charges and defenses and you’ll need an experienced drunk driving attorney. If you are facing a drunk driving charge, contact Nolan Law Offices immediately to discuss your options.

Conviction Expungement

Criminal convictions are a hamper on your life in many ways. Convictions can prevent you from obtaining employment, renting a home, or qualifying for student loans. Criminal convictions can also be downright embarrassing. However, there is a way to expunge criminal convictions, misdemeanor or felony, if certain conditions are met. If you desire to have your criminal record expunged, contact the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Nolan Law Offices as soon as possible.