R & O

By Andy Lapres, Nolan Law Offices, PLLC | June 15, 2022

Known more commonly as “R & O”, this criminal offense is considered an assault on a police officer. The R & O actually stands for resisting & obstructing, however, the statute covers “assault, batter, wound, resist, obstruct, oppose, or endanger a person who the individual knows or has reason to know is performing his or…

Domestic Violence

By Andy Lapres, Nolan Law Offices, PLLC | June 1, 2022

Michigan has many different variations of assault. One of the more common is domestic violence. Domestic violence covers those assaults where there is a domestic relationship between the parties, offender and victim. The domestic relationship includes spouses, those with children in common, those who are or were previously members of the same household, and those…

Drug Charges

By Andy Lapres, Nolan Law Offices, PLLC | May 11, 2022

Some of the more common offenses that criminal defendants face are those involving drugs. The most common charge involving drugs is simple possession. The next most serious group of drug offenses are deliveries, which is the transfer of those drugs to another person. This post will cover the very basics of each. In Michigan, drug…

Prosecutors, Charging Decisions, and the Preliminary Examination

By Andy Lapres, Nolan Law Offices, PLLC | April 14, 2022

This post is meant to discuss Michigan prosecutor’s charging discretion, how those decisions come into play with the preliminary examination, and common strategies and pitfalls employed by criminal defense attorneys. In Michigan felony cases, criminal defendants as well as prosecutors enjoy a statutory right to a hearing called a preliminary examination. After arraignment in District…

Felonies vs. Misdemeanors

What Are the Differences in Penalty Between a Misdemeanor and a Felony in Michigan?

By Andy Lapres, Nolan Law Offices, PLLC | February 10, 2022

Criminal offenses are divided into two (or three–keep reading) levels, which are misdemeanors and felonies. The most basic difference is the duration of possible incarceration.

Deadly Force

Use of Deadly Force in Self Defense in Michigan

By Andy Lapres, Nolan Law Offices, PLLC | December 22, 2021

When can you legally use deadly force to protect yourself? If you ask five of your friends, you’ll probably get five varying answers. The Michigan Self Defense Act (MSDA) took effect in 2006. The MSDA changed Michigan law on the use of deadly force. The most important facet of the MSDA is that it removed…

Felony Gavel

The Court Process in Michigan Felony Criminal Cases

By Andy Lapres, Nolan Law Offices, PLLC | August 16, 2021

This post will cover the process that one will go through if they are arrested and charged with a felony in Michigan. How does a defendant’s criminal case begin? It can begin in one of two ways, but both always start with law enforcement. On one hand, the person can be arrested on the spot…