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Legal Services

Criminal Defense, Family Law, Auto Accidents
Criminal Defense Lawyer Muskegon

Criminal Defense

Have you been accused of a crime?

Choosing Nolan Law Offices seems to be an easy choice for criminal defendants. Terry has felony not guilty verdicts spanning four decades and in seven different counties. Terry has successfully defended clients charged with murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, OWI causing death, death of a vulnerable adult, kidnapping, armed robbery, criminal sexual conduct, breaking and entering, carrying a concealed weapon and various drug charges. Terry has also received not guilty verdicts for his clients in cases where they have been charged with domestic violence, drunk driving, various assaultive charges and drug charges. He has also been successful in defending his clients in cases involving traffic violations and violations of local ordinances. He has also helped dozens of clients getting their driving licenses restored and keeping them out of jail or prison.


There are relatively new changes in the law that allow an individual to have a portion of their criminal record or their entire criminal record expunged. Nolan Law Offices has many years of experience in clearing individual’s criminal records and charges reasonable fees for the service. The process usually takes about six weeks and Nolan Law Offices makes the process painless and easy for the client. Nolan Law Offices offers free consultations to discuss your particular record and to determine if you are eligible. A simple phone call might start the way for you to eliminate that nagging felony that’s been haunting you.

Family Law Divorce Lawyer Muskegon

Family Law

Experience means everything in family law.

Divorce, custody, parenting time issues and child support matters can create some of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Representation by an experienced, compassionate attorney makes these times easier and Terry Nolan is just the attorney you’ll need. Free consultations, looking out for the best interests of the clients, and remembering how difficult these matters can be are all hallmarks of Terry Nolan’s practice.

Terry has handled hundreds of family law cases involving millions of dollars. Terry has experts available to him including financial experts and Private Investigators. His experience and success in trying cases is invaluable in obtaining not only successful outcomes but also in obtaining favorable settlements.

Auto Accident Lawyer Muskegon

Auto Accidents

Have you been involved in an accident?

Terry is teaming up with a neighboring law firm to provide prominent personal injury representation. When you or a loved one are injured, you want not only experienced lawyers but talented and successful trial attorneys. The team that Nolan Law Offices can put together to help you win what you deserve has decades of experience, success and talent. You shouldn’t take chances when it comes to being injured and you should consider getting top notch representation that Nolan Law Offices, PLLC can provide.

Drunk Driving Lawyer Muskegon

Drunk Driving

Have you recently been arrested for drunk driving?

If you find yourself facing operating while intoxicated charges, you will need experienced legal counsel in order to defend you, mitigate damages for you, and/or walk you through what is an extremely stressful process. Fines, costs, license suspension and insurance complications can all result from a drunk driving charge. Terry Nolan has successfully handled hundreds of drunk driving and drug driving cases and has satisfied clients throughout Western Michigan. He is a lawyer who knows his way around the courtroom and treats all of his clients with compassion. He is experienced throughout West Michigan.

License Restoration Lawyer Muskegon

License Restoration

Have you had your license revoked?

Having your license revoked creates all kinds of problems for an individual. The law says the burden is on the revoked driver to prove he is safe to put back on the road. It takes an experienced lawyer who knows their way around the system to help the revoked driver restore their privileges. Knowing what a hearing officer is looking for and how to put together a package in support is important in being successful. Nolan Law Offices has been successful for many years in helping folks restore their privileges. Call (231) 206-1718 for your free consultation.